Bee buzz

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Little speller



Fails to elicit a win.

Eight years at a bee.



10 years till college, plenty

of time to win it.


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Baby mama

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Flavor Flav 

Flavor Flav


Flavor of your love:

Tastes like chicken, left too long

in the summer sun.


Gonna marry his

baby mama, but which one?

Seven baby flavs.


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A moment on the trail

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Senator Clinton

She slips, pricks herself.
Bobby: small wound, no blood. Still,
eyes in the dark. Wolves!

(courtesy of patrick cyrus gilman)

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Apartment hunting

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 capitol hill

Capitol Hill


Apartment hunting:

More fun than root canals or

a bikini wax.


Tired kitchens and

grimy baths. Maybe I’ll take

the wax after all.


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el jefe

el jefe

Deficits blossom,
a tree of debtors’ flowers
with no future seeds.

Shrub unites us all
Could never ever divide
Division too hard.

I own senate and
house of reprehensibles
how? strategery!

If all you have is
ignorance and confidence,
then success is sure.

If films fail, we know
not to see the sequel. Why
not so with leaders?

(courtesy of Irregular Times: Haiku page)


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Joan Collins

Joan Collins


Happy birthday, Joan.

Your giant hats and diamonds

inspire us all.

The kung pao chicken

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kung pao

Kung pao chicken

The kung pao chicken

I like the kung pao chicken 

The kung pao chicken

(eddie joy, courtesy of patrick cyrus gilman)


Homo economicus

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Adam Smith

Adam Smith

I have a headache

and your talk of supply and

demand does not help.


Perhaps if you could

supply me with some advil

we could be good friends.


I’ll paint your nails as

you read Marx and draw curves. Your

toes look good in red.


But after two weeks

you’d stop calling. I’m just not

efficient enough.


(from the archives)