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Khyber pass, back when it was just a few farmers transporting their poppies


Bandits criss-cross the

Khyber, GIs sit and watch.

Superpower stunned.



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Supremes to DC: Handguns for everyone!

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Justice Scalia,
Can you help? I can’t decide:
Glock or Beretta?



(courtesy of patrick cyrus gilman)

Spam – now environmentally friendly!

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dead fish in china wishing bush would just read his email


Climate change and cash

From a Nigerian. All

Spam to the White House!


Dirty tricks to halt

The Clean Air Act. Anything

Goes at the White House!


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America’s next top bottle (blond)

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Tyra Banks in Georges Chakra, 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards, Emmys, Fashion

tyra and her little friend


Tyra, your choices

Amaze. That Emmy win? Fierce,

But not for best hair.



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A to Zimbabwe

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Voters hopes ignored.

Democracy in tatters,

Mugabe – till when?

Read: Security Council Urges Zimbabwe to Stop Violence

Kung pow!

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Ox tripe in chilis.

No matter how you say it,

It is still ox tripe.


Bean curd made by a

pocked marked woman. Dee-lish! I

will order double.


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Another 18!

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elin and bizarro-elin. don’t ask me which is which.


Tiger Woods, forces

another playoff. Eagles

and birdies sing praise.


One more day of golf!

Joy for Woods, advertisers,

and my father, too.



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A great loss

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A mourning cry from

all who watched on Sunday morn.

Goodbye, our old friend.


The elections won’t

be the same without you and

your red, blue, whiteboard.



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Musings on rice

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One whole paddy field

Was planted ere I moved on

From that willow tree!


(courtesy of Basho, 17th century Japanese poet)

There is no stopping in the red zone

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very expensive luggage (saddleback leather company)


Fuel costs rising, and

passengers getting fatter.

Failing airlines fret.


Fifteen dollars a

bag. Soon we will be paying

charges per kidney.



Read: United Joins American in Charging $15 for First Checked Bag

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