Hi, my name is Talula…and I’m an alcoholic

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check it


Word. Talula Does

The Hula From Hawaii

And is scarred for life.



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10 Strangest Names Evar!


Northern exposure

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Kilmainham Jail.jpg

not precisely geographically accurate


The powerful, cook

On new grills, sit on new decks,  

With so far to fall.



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Warning: your kitchen may cause cancer

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livin’ the dream!


Granite fixation

For the kitchen-obsessed. Now,

Comes with a half-life!



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再见, olympic gold

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Paul Hamm

that’s paul hamm, in the middle


Paul Hamm, how will we

Get through August without your

Smiling face? Heartbreak.



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Farewell to Estelle

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estelle getty in her sophia get-up


We had so many

Golden nights, Estelle. Thank you

For being a friend.



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hands off


Move to ban the Pill?

Time for a new pres, or, time

To move to Paris.



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Getting going in Gitmo

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detainee graffiti

U.S. v. Hamdan.

Victory for Bush? Just a

Drop in the bucket.



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Gimme a C!

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feel free to insert your own communist-themed caption here

China! China! Chiiiiiii-

Na! China China China!

Go China! China!



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Honk for China!


The end of an era

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drip coffee


The list of closures,

Published. Now, start planning for

The Apocalypse.



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         The List

God Save the Queen

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 Jodie Marsh

 jodie marsh, in not so rare form


Brit pop tart, hurts to

look at. Thank god for seven-

teen seventy six.

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