You had me at cupcake

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Hello, cupcake! More

Yummy ways in Dupont to

Make my clothes tighter.



Visit: Hello, Cupcake!


The excitement returns to West Beverly High

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da na na na, da da


Da-na-na-na, Da-

na-na-na. Da da!Da na

na na, na na nnnaaa.



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Senator Teddy, live from the Pepsi Center

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a kennedy for all times

The Dems take Denver.

Ted, on the stage. NBC’s

Got Deal or no Deal.  


The Senator sounds

strong. Looks well. Looking forward

to this Novembah.



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Image source: Wikio

The chosen one

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the chosen one


Delaware: home to

Tax free shopping, a bridge, and

Now…a future veep!



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Image source: Barack Obama: Change We Can Believe In

Life as an American

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World Nutella Day
Botero would be so proud

The convenience store

On my block does not have eggs

But sells nutella.



Image source: Cafe Fernando

The anticipation mounts

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the perfect right-hand man


The choice is made!  Who

Is it? No one knows. How ‘bout

Adlai Stevenson?


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Image source: Washington Note


Russian me crazy

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the emperors’ old robes


No surprises with

Georgia. Putin brays, whispers

Respond from the ranch.


When the going gets

tough, its time for vacation.

A good life lesson.



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Image source: Rockford Register Star 

The ninth wonder

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Michael Phelps

the longest and most decorated torso in the world


Perfect 8 for 8.

Who watched them all? Bob Costas,

Mrs. Phelps, and me.



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Image source: Getty/Wall Street Journal

Dear Mr. Freeman

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god, is that you?


Morgan Freeman, how

are you? I am concerned. Please

write soon. Kisses, me.



Even year obsession

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Michael Phelps

no complaints here


There’s no rest for the

weary, or the Olympics

obsessed. I blame Phelps.