time for haikus

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of course i know what this says


Six word memoirs? Not

Quite haiku, but pithy is

the new black. See Time!



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Old Blue Eyes

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paul newman, 1925-2008


Handsome Hollywood

Legend, 65 films for

Us to remember.


A bright light is snuffed

Out. Paul Newman, gone, but not

To be forgotten.



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A simple plan

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Wall Street, NYC by say.fromage.

ground zero


A vegan bailout

Bill, no additives. Just a

huge new debt ceiling.


3 pages long, but

I’m sure they can find a way

to add in some pork.



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Just a regular ole gal with a gun and her lipstick

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She rants and she raves.

Sarcasm drips and puddles

around her high heels.


Wealth is bad, power

Is worse, she says to the rich

And the powerful.




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no, not really

For hockey moms and

Faux feminists, a hero

Is on the ticket.


Meanwhile, Obama

Dems fear another veep with

A hunting rifle.



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