Happy birthday, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said!

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The Sultan, looking sultanish

Wish a happy one

To the Sultan, and then post

On his facebook wall.


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The G20 descends on DC

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all the king's horses and all the king's men?

Motorcades, traffic

and finance, oh my! Bush plays

host, for one last time.



Image source: The Economist


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 My G1 Phone. Its Rocks. by Carls Life

My G1 phone is

An honors student and can

Beat up your iPhone.



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Image source: Flickr

Quantum of hotness

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Daniel Craig

Bond, James Bond

Dear Bond: If you don’t

get the girl this time, please call.

I’ll wait by the phone.



Image source: Daily Mail

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Hi-Def Trailer

Hair we can believe in

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this was just last year

Farrah, Rachel, and

Now Sarah. Enough hairspray

to melt Alaska.


Perhaps her biggest

Contribution to the world?

We can only hope.



Image source: Weird News Files

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