A Reader, Not a Fighter

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my, how all that reading has aged them

Rove speaks only the
Truth. Crichton, Camus, and Condi –
Bush’s dearest friends.
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Father’s Little Helper

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state secrets

Santa Claus brings gifts
Of Taliban secrets, and
A little blue pill.


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Image source: LA Times

Farewell, Professor Huntington

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Dr. Samuel Huntington

Clashed, history ended, and
The Professor wrote.
America – who
Are we? Like de Tocqueville, he
Gave us an answer.
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Image source: The Boston Globe

Funny, she doesn’t look like a Druish princess

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they love haikus, too

In the ice sculpture
reflected bar mitzvah guests
nosh on chopped liver.


The sparkling blue sea
beckons me to wait one hour
after my sandwich.


Is one Nobel Prize
so much to ask from a child
after all I’ve done?


How soft the petals
of the flower arrangement
I have just stolen.



(courtesy of David M. Bader!)


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Image source: bang it out

30 seconds to greasy

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oh, the humanity

J. Catalano
Your comb-over makes me sad.
Dude, why so greasy?

You were so dreamy.
Somewhere, Angela Chase is
Totally appalled.

So you’re in a band.
Some rock stars are very hot.
Resolve to bathe, ‘kay?

Don’t you understand?
Your hotness is, like, a gift.
Wasting it is rude.

(courtesy of the Fug Girls!)

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Blow, blow, thou winter wind

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Snow Dome by Pixilista
pretty please?

Winter’s here, the air’s

Chilled. But still, the capital

Waits for snow to come.



Image source:  Flickr

Eight crazy nights

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2nd Night of Chanukah (20071205-171237-PJG) by DrgnMastr

day 2 and counting

Christmas: the poor man’s

Chanukah.  Only one day?

Ours lasts for eight nights.


So eat that with your

Milk and cookies, Santa Claus.

Happy holidays!



Image source: Flickr

A farewell kiss

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Shoes in a bush by Lou in China

shoes in a bush. clever!

Lasting legacy

For the President with the

Greatest Reflexes.


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Democracy in action

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ninja parliamentarians

Sledgehammers, blockades,

Feisty MPs. Its just a

Day at the office.