18th hole

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uhh...not that arnold

He putts and pauses.

Collective gasp, fist pump, cheer.

And, Tiger is back!



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moderately joyous

Oh SoyJoy ads, how

You have deceived me. Less Joy

Than I might have hoped.



Some people who agree with me, emphatically: Food Product Review

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resident obama

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just another day on the job

The leader of the

Free world gets out more than me*.

How mortifying.


*Please excuse my poor

Grammar. Sometimes art requires

Small sacrifices.



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almost as good as mine?

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Name That Duck! by Domain Barnyard

bemused ducks

Doubt licks blearily
Seagull quivers, bragging crags
Raining lilypads


Bemused duck cursing
Raging, clamoring, rudely
Harmonious kind



(courtesy of the Genuine Haiku Generator!)


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Image source: Domain Barnyard

candy land

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Thank you, New York Times.

Now I can rationalize

My candy habit.


Savings sour, the sweets

Still sweet. Who needs a mortgage

When there’s Gummy Bears?



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March Madness by interchangeableparts.

just as good as my method

So – random numbers

And jersey colors do not

A good bracket make.


*see mad men


Image source: InterchangeableParts

a green president or the greenest president?

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also not the president

At the white house, a

New good reader. The crowd laughs,

But someone’s fired….right?



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Image source: Irish Blogs

mad men

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excel made me do it

excel made me do it


Brackets: what’s a girl

To do? Choose the top seed or

The cutest point guard?



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shadows in the capitol city by delaney jean.


In the shadow of

The Capitol, a scourge takes

Its toll on DC.



Read: D.C. HIV/AIDS Rates Top “Generalized and Severe” Levels

Image source: Delaney Jean’s Photostream (Flickr)

Cramer v. Cramer

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The mad man and the
Funny man duel. Glissade, feint…
Stewart, the winner!

Is it comedy
Or tragedy? It’s just so
Hard to tell, these days.

Image source: The Globe and Mail

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