and then there was maude

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What will poor Stan do?

No Petrillo women left.

The putz stands alone.


Dorothy, we missed

Dear maaaa, but without you, will

We ever laugh of Brooklyn?


(courtesy of liz!)


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Image source: LA Times


happy birthday, will shakespeare!

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Shakespeare's Birthday!

a special lace collar for a special birthday boy

Happy birthday-ish!

Good luck with the four hundred

Forty-five candles.  



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Image source: Austin Shakespeare

measles, mumps, and pot belly

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Spotty danger lurks

At jiffy lube, pot belly

And southwest Safeway.



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Image source: Blacktriangle

on the campaign trail

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most likely he used the random stump speech generator

Vivid responsive
Valued votes worry, arrows
Succeed, prospects set


Success fades, humble
Laws aiding faction leaning
Liberal uphill


Strictly wishing safe
Conservative Pentagon
Vanishes, unborn



(courtesy of the Random Stump Speech Synopsis Haiku Generator!)



Image source: Stump Speech, by George Caleb Bingham

when in the course of texan events

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the all alone star state?

Secession, Texas,

Really? Really? That’s just so




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Image source: Texas Secede

maybe I’m just getting bigger

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shrink wrap

shrink wrap

Ice caps and crème eggs

Are shrinking. Woe is me, and

To the polar bears.



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Image source: Candy Snob

the irreconcilable differences of the christ

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before the crazy set in

Forgive me, Braveheart,

If I don’t shed too many

Tears for your divorce.




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Image source: Hit da wall

one third the pay, three times the fun!

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Beach Volleyball at Sunset by scooter.john.

gives new meaning to the word "court"


In a crushing blow

Biglaw lawyers cruise the globe

At twice what I’m paid.



(courtesy of nelly!)


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Image source: Flickr

time to buy in ny

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File:Dakota building New-York USA.jpg
please direct all housewarming gifts to the Dakota
Finally, even

Millionaires can afford to

Live in Manhattan.



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Image Source: Wikimedia

Its always election hour, somewhere

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big country, enormous ballot

It’s Election Day!

Third largest democracy,

But first in our hearts.



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Image source: Indonesian Election 2009

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