timor mutant ninja turtles

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splinter would not approve

Ninjas lurk in East
Timor. Real menace or a
hidden agenda?

Image source: Cinematic Intelligence Agency
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he'd be so much less scary after a few mimosas

Dear Burger King. A
mimosa without champagne?
You should be ashamed.

Image source: Of Cookies and Monsters
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proust must have been a yankees fan

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deja vu, but it worked out ok last time around

Shades of last year as
CC fades. But message to
Sox is clear: it’s on.

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Image source: NJ.com

stop the insanity

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seriously, the genetic line must end here

It is not ok
for snooki and j-wowwwwww to
reproduce. at all.

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Image source: OMG!