haiku-ing the world cup, vol. 2

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not annoying

Mandela’s the king,
RSA’s the place. It’s all
’bout vuvuzelas

(courtesy of nelly!)

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senate laureate

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sonia sotomayor
Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.
What Sonia has done
Is so very impressive
So I am impressed

John Cornyn, R-Texas
We now all agree
Judges channel the Framers
Empathy is toast
Dick Durbin, D-Ill.
Guys ‘n’ gals differ
It’s not that one is biased
We just come that way

Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.
A prosecutor
Badass on white collar crime
Tough chick. Just like me.

Arlen Specter, D-Pa.
Ethnic pride is good
But this is not me crying
It’s just the chemo

(courtesy of Dahlia Lithwick/Slate!)

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Image source: Pundit Kitchen

let us be merce-ful as well as just

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New forms new beauty
Dance each instant as it comes
We will miss you, Merce

(courtesy of anthony!)

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Image source: Ballet Dance Magazine

Ode to the Bar Exam, Part Deux

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bankruptcy is funny!

Son’s got gambling debt
Statutory spendthrift rule
You’ve just saved his trust
(courtesy of nelly!)

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Image source: Houston’s Clear Thinkers

Ode to the Bar Exam

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we're fine with this Will, too

I am very poor
Can you die so I can get
My intestate share
(courtesy of nelly!)

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there’s something about cammy

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Cameron Diaz

A star for Cammy
Proof that gilded concrete goes
To highest bidders

(courtesy of liz!)

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and then there was maude

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What will poor Stan do?

No Petrillo women left.

The putz stands alone.


Dorothy, we missed

Dear maaaa, but without you, will

We ever laugh of Brooklyn?


(courtesy of liz!)


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Image source: LA Times

on the campaign trail

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most likely he used the random stump speech generator

Vivid responsive
Valued votes worry, arrows
Succeed, prospects set


Success fades, humble
Laws aiding faction leaning
Liberal uphill


Strictly wishing safe
Conservative Pentagon
Vanishes, unborn



(courtesy of the Random Stump Speech Synopsis Haiku Generator!)



Image source: Stump Speech, by George Caleb Bingham

one third the pay, three times the fun!

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Beach Volleyball at Sunset by scooter.john.

gives new meaning to the word "court"


In a crushing blow

Biglaw lawyers cruise the globe

At twice what I’m paid.



(courtesy of nelly!)


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almost as good as mine?

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Name That Duck! by Domain Barnyard

bemused ducks

Doubt licks blearily
Seagull quivers, bragging crags
Raining lilypads


Bemused duck cursing
Raging, clamoring, rudely
Harmonious kind



(courtesy of the Genuine Haiku Generator!)


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Image source: Domain Barnyard

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