these were their stories

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Dick Wolf says goodbye
to beloved L&O.    
New York city streets

will feel empty, with
no more film crews. But never
fear – syndication!


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Image source: Law and Order Info Blog (seriously, there are many)


peep culture

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Free peep show. Best waste
of time and refined sugar
I can imagine.


Watch: Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest
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why is this night different from all other nights in the white house?

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I bet elijah shows up for obama

Gefilte fish on
White House plates, yarmulke on
The President’s head.

I wonder if the
Obama children fed their
chopped liver to Bo?

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Image source: The Caucus

total recall

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cardamom, cumin, and hydrologized vegetable protein. delish.

Food danger lurks. I
should stop bringing snack bags of
HVP to work.

Image source: Caswell’s Mom’s
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coke addict

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Coca-Cola mini by Business Wire.

This post, intended
For the Yanks. Instead, please join
Me in a welcome.

The mini coke can!
If heaven has a mini
Bar, these are in it.

Image source: Slate.com
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happy birthday, will shakespeare!

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Shakespeare's Birthday!

a special lace collar for a special birthday boy

Happy birthday-ish!

Good luck with the four hundred

Forty-five candles.  



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Image source: Austin Shakespeare

maybe I’m just getting bigger

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shrink wrap

shrink wrap

Ice caps and crème eggs

Are shrinking. Woe is me, and

To the polar bears.



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Image source: Candy Snob


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moderately joyous

Oh SoyJoy ads, how

You have deceived me. Less Joy

Than I might have hoped.



Some people who agree with me, emphatically: Food Product Review

Image source: PRNews

candy land

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Thank you, New York Times.

Now I can rationalize

My candy habit.


Savings sour, the sweets

Still sweet. Who needs a mortgage

When there’s Gummy Bears?



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Image source: Shape and Colour

You had me at cupcake

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Hello, cupcake! More

Yummy ways in Dupont to

Make my clothes tighter.



Visit: Hello, Cupcake!

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