Pomp, circumstance, and panda bears

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A detail of a menu is seen on a place setting ...

A striking invite
list. Vera Wang, Jackie Chan
oh, and Michelle Kwan.

And then there was Babs,
who probably eats Chinese
food on Christmas day.

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these were their stories

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Dick Wolf says goodbye
to beloved L&O.    
New York city streets

will feel empty, with
no more film crews. But never
fear – syndication!


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Image source: Law and Order Info Blog (seriously, there are many)

names from his father

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obama 44 and obama 1

Hawaii takes a
stand. Very interesting
but my main concern:

How did I not know
Prez has a suffix? Can
we call him junior?


See for yourself: Hawaii State Department of Health
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Image source: The Daily Mail


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he'd be so much less scary after a few mimosas

Dear Burger King. A
mimosa without champagne?
You should be ashamed.

Image source: Of Cookies and Monsters
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proust must have been a yankees fan

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deja vu, but it worked out ok last time around

Shades of last year as
CC fades. But message to
Sox is clear: it’s on.

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Image source: NJ.com


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seems like the artist left out the blinders

Church gripped in scandal,
Irish bishop falls, Irish
bookies can rejoice.

Image source: The Visual Dictionary
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bronx defenders

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Jerry Hairston Jr. Yankees ALCS

mmm, angel pie

Boys in blue return
To October. Partying
Like its 2000.

Image source: NJ.com

all williams, all the time

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Serena and Venus Williams Tennis Fashion Match

wimbledon junior prom

Talk about sibling
Rivalry. An all-sister
Act at Wimbledon.


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Image source: StyleFrizz

damn yankee

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“The hip issue is not thought to be related to the use of performance-enhancing substances.”

The New York Times, 8 March 2009


A-Rod news slides to

Third base. Madge madness, ‘roid rage,

A hip issue, too.



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Image source: Baltimore Sun

A Reader, Not a Fighter

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my, how all that reading has aged them

Rove speaks only the
Truth. Crichton, Camus, and Condi –
Bush’s dearest friends.
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