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he'd be so much less scary after a few mimosas

Dear Burger King. A
mimosa without champagne?
You should be ashamed.

Image source: Of Cookies and Monsters
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it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

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A banner weekend.
Sunshine and healthcare reform
on the horizon.

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Image source: Destination Guide DC

beyond this place of wrath and tears

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in the shadows of the stadium

A familiar
refrain. Pylons rise, shadows
fall on those below.

Image source:  nytimes.com
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countdown to SOTU

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Stuck in the office
But want to watch Obama
And play drinking games

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State of the Union Trivia
Image source: Telegraph

Ode to the Bar Exam, Part Deux

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bankruptcy is funny!

Son’s got gambling debt
Statutory spendthrift rule
You’ve just saved his trust
(courtesy of nelly!)

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Image source: Houston’s Clear Thinkers

time to buy in ny

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File:Dakota building New-York USA.jpg
please direct all housewarming gifts to the Dakota
Finally, even

Millionaires can afford to

Live in Manhattan.



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Image Source: Wikimedia

candy land

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Thank you, New York Times.

Now I can rationalize

My candy habit.


Savings sour, the sweets

Still sweet. Who needs a mortgage

When there’s Gummy Bears?



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Image source: Shape and Colour

Cramer v. Cramer

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The mad man and the
Funny man duel. Glissade, feint…
Stewart, the winner!

Is it comedy
Or tragedy? It’s just so
Hard to tell, these days.

Image source: The Globe and Mail

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The G20 descends on DC

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all the king's horses and all the king's men?

Motorcades, traffic

and finance, oh my! Bush plays

host, for one last time.



Image source: The Economist

A simple plan

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Wall Street, NYC by say.fromage.

ground zero


A vegan bailout

Bill, no additives. Just a

huge new debt ceiling.


3 pages long, but

I’m sure they can find a way

to add in some pork.



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