Pomp, circumstance, and panda bears

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A detail of a menu is seen on a place setting ...

A striking invite
list. Vera Wang, Jackie Chan
oh, and Michelle Kwan.

And then there was Babs,
who probably eats Chinese
food on Christmas day.

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haiku-ing the world cup, vol. 2

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not annoying

Mandela’s the king,
RSA’s the place. It’s all
’bout vuvuzelas

(courtesy of nelly!)

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Image source: The Spoiler

these were their stories

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Dick Wolf says goodbye
to beloved L&O.    
New York city streets

will feel empty, with
no more film crews. But never
fear – syndication!


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Image source: Law and Order Info Blog (seriously, there are many)

proust must have been a yankees fan

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deja vu, but it worked out ok last time around

Shades of last year as
CC fades. But message to
Sox is clear: it’s on.

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Image source: NJ.com

stop the insanity

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seriously, the genetic line must end here

It is not ok
for snooki and j-wowwwwww to
reproduce. at all.

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Image source: OMG!

peep culture

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Free peep show. Best waste
of time and refined sugar
I can imagine.


Watch: Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest
Image source: ditto

madness, day 2

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damn you, clemson!!

A quick response to
my previous question in
haiku: yes, I will.

bracket racket

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The madness begins.
A year wiser. Will I still
be last in my pool?

Image source: How Stuff Works
Review: Update

don’t kiss me, i’m not irish

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Clad in black, no beer
or parades for me. I am
the St. Patty’s Scrooge.


Image source: At Home in KC

lots of stuff that doesn’t kill you makes you weaker

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she's no peggy, but she'll do

A new vehicle
for Al Bundy. Brilliant.
Tivo overload.

Image source: IGN TV
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