a true marital emergency

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a convenient booth

A sad farewell to
the Gore marriage. At least we’ll
always have that kiss

at the DNC.
that extraordinarily
ridiculous kiss.

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Watch: Happy Times – The Great Gore Kiss
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these were their stories

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Dick Wolf says goodbye
to beloved L&O.    
New York city streets

will feel empty, with
no more film crews. But never
fear – syndication!


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Image source: Law and Order Info Blog (seriously, there are many)

orange you glad I didn’t say public option

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Why did John Boehner
oppose health care reform? The
truth is in the tan.

New tax on tanning
salons, alas. Retirement
in Florida now?

Image source: Progress Ohio
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let us be merce-ful as well as just

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New forms new beauty
Dance each instant as it comes
We will miss you, Merce

(courtesy of anthony!)

Read: Merce Cunningham, Choregrapher, Dies at 90
Enjoy: Anthony Roth Costanzo
Image source: Ballet Dance Magazine

honesty, shmonesty

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nice segway

Classic Dick Vader
And torture for viewers. Time
For retirement.

Read: Dick Cheney’s Dishonest Speech about Torture, Terror, and Obama; Barack Obama’s National Security Speech

Image source: US News

and then there was maude

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What will poor Stan do?

No Petrillo women left.

The putz stands alone.


Dorothy, we missed

Dear maaaa, but without you, will

We ever laugh of Brooklyn?


(courtesy of liz!)


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Image source: LA Times

when in the course of texan events

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the all alone star state?

Secession, Texas,

Really? Really? That’s just so




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Image source: Texas Secede

Farewell, Professor Huntington

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Dr. Samuel Huntington

Clashed, history ended, and
The Professor wrote.
America – who
Are we? Like de Tocqueville, he
Gave us an answer.
Read: Samuel P. Huntington, 81, Political Scientist, Is Dead
Image source: The Boston Globe

A farewell kiss

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Shoes in a bush by Lou in China

shoes in a bush. clever!

Lasting legacy

For the President with the

Greatest Reflexes.


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Watch: YouTube


Old Blue Eyes

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paul newman, 1925-2008


Handsome Hollywood

Legend, 65 films for

Us to remember.


A bright light is snuffed

Out. Paul Newman, gone, but not

To be forgotten.



Read: Paul Newman, Hollywood Legend, Dies at 83

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