the sudanese patient

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referendum on the nile

Result: secession?
without a doubt. A peaceful
split? unclear, at best.

Read: South Sudanese Vote Overwhelmingly for Secession
Image source: Breaking News Kenya


Pomp, circumstance, and panda bears

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A detail of a menu is seen on a place setting ...

A striking invite
list. Vera Wang, Jackie Chan
oh, and Michelle Kwan.

And then there was Babs,
who probably eats Chinese
food on Christmas day.

Read: For Hu Jintao’s state visit, a day of pomp and ceremony
Image source: Yahoo

a true marital emergency

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a convenient booth

A sad farewell to
the Gore marriage. At least we’ll
always have that kiss

at the DNC.
that extraordinarily
ridiculous kiss.

Read: Al and Tipper Gore to separate 
Watch: Happy Times – The Great Gore Kiss
Image source: BurlingtonPol

names from his father

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obama 44 and obama 1

Hawaii takes a
stand. Very interesting
but my main concern:

How did I not know
Prez has a suffix? Can
we call him junior?


See for yourself: Hawaii State Department of Health
Read: Hawaii Limits Requests on Obama File
Image source: The Daily Mail

timor mutant ninja turtles

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splinter would not approve

Ninjas lurk in East
Timor. Real menace or a
hidden agenda?

Image source: Cinematic Intelligence Agency
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why is this night different from all other nights in the white house?

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I bet elijah shows up for obama

Gefilte fish on
White House plates, yarmulke on
The President’s head.

I wonder if the
Obama children fed their
chopped liver to Bo?

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Image source: The Caucus

happy birthday, speaker pelosi!

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nice crown

A gift of a week
for the Speaker. I wonder
what Christmas is like?

Image source: Spitfire Murphy
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“a greater measure of common sense and common decency”

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Progressive at the
Pentagon. Confusing, I
know. Congress, your move.

Image source: Politico/GlaadBlog
Read: Pentagon Relaxes ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

orange you glad I didn’t say public option

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Why did John Boehner
oppose health care reform? The
truth is in the tan.

New tax on tanning
salons, alas. Retirement
in Florida now?

Image source: Progress Ohio
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it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

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A banner weekend.
Sunshine and healthcare reform
on the horizon.

Read: Obama plans to sign health overhaul bill on Tuesday
Image source: Destination Guide DC

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