the sudanese patient

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referendum on the nile

Result: secession?
without a doubt. A peaceful
split? unclear, at best.

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Image source: Breaking News Kenya


why is this night different from all other nights in the white house?

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I bet elijah shows up for obama

Gefilte fish on
White House plates, yarmulke on
The President’s head.

I wonder if the
Obama children fed their
chopped liver to Bo?

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Image source: The Caucus


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seems like the artist left out the blinders

Church gripped in scandal,
Irish bishop falls, Irish
bookies can rejoice.

Image source: The Visual Dictionary
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don’t kiss me, i’m not irish

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Clad in black, no beer
or parades for me. I am
the St. Patty’s Scrooge.


Image source: At Home in KC

Father’s Little Helper

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state secrets

Santa Claus brings gifts
Of Taliban secrets, and
A little blue pill.


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Image source: LA Times

Farewell, Professor Huntington

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Dr. Samuel Huntington

Clashed, history ended, and
The Professor wrote.
America – who
Are we? Like de Tocqueville, he
Gave us an answer.
Read: Samuel P. Huntington, 81, Political Scientist, Is Dead
Image source: The Boston Globe

Funny, she doesn’t look like a Druish princess

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they love haikus, too

In the ice sculpture
reflected bar mitzvah guests
nosh on chopped liver.


The sparkling blue sea
beckons me to wait one hour
after my sandwich.


Is one Nobel Prize
so much to ask from a child
after all I’ve done?


How soft the petals
of the flower arrangement
I have just stolen.



(courtesy of David M. Bader!)


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Image source: bang it out