the sudanese patient

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referendum on the nile

Result: secession?
without a doubt. A peaceful
split? unclear, at best.

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Image source: Breaking News Kenya


haiku-ing the world cup, vol. 2

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not annoying

Mandela’s the king,
RSA’s the place. It’s all
’bout vuvuzelas

(courtesy of nelly!)

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Image source: The Spoiler

haiku-ing the world cup, vol. 1

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what's alexei lalas doing at the national zoo?

If soccer balls were
Always covered in peanut
Butter, I might watch.  

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Image source: Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Google: Alexei

timor mutant ninja turtles

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splinter would not approve

Ninjas lurk in East
Timor. Real menace or a
hidden agenda?

Image source: Cinematic Intelligence Agency
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seems like the artist left out the blinders

Church gripped in scandal,
Irish bishop falls, Irish
bookies can rejoice.

Image source: The Visual Dictionary
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orange you glad I didn’t say public option

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Why did John Boehner
oppose health care reform? The
truth is in the tan.

New tax on tanning
salons, alas. Retirement
in Florida now?

Image source: Progress Ohio
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tuesday, bloody tuesday

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A protester holds a bottle of blood outside the gates of Government House

yes, that's a gallon of blood

Ancient ritual or
democratic Thailand?
red shirts red with blood.

Image source: BBC
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beyond this place of wrath and tears

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in the shadows of the stadium

A familiar
refrain. Pylons rise, shadows
fall on those below.

Image source:  nytimes.com
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no rest for the weary

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golden child

Long awaited trip
delayed. Kids ditched – maybe next
year, Spring Break Bali.

Image source: I See by the Snailpapers
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maybe I’m just getting bigger

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shrink wrap

shrink wrap

Ice caps and crème eggs

Are shrinking. Woe is me, and

To the polar bears.



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Image source: Candy Snob

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